Thursday, August 27, 2015

Peter Schiff, Marc Faber conference October 28, 2015 in New Orleans, USA

It is once again time for one of the world's most respected gold and natural resources conference: The New Orleans Investment Conference. This year's conference is held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside on October 28-31, 2015. Click here to register now! The schedule is still to be determined, but I will be speaking on Thursday, the 29th. Over the decades, this conference has become a major showcase not just of investing ideas but a major forum for fantastic discussion of politics and economics. The top-level presentations occur all day, but the organizers are careful to allow participants to get out and roam the Streets of lovely New Orleans, one of America's treasures of culture, music and food. Better still, New Orleans really comes to life in the days before Halloween.

I will be getting together with the top minds in finance and investment, and speaking alongside Dr. Marc Faber, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Dr. Larry Reed, Doug Casey, and many more.

Given the slowing economy, the heightened tensions that are currently engulfing the markets, and the Fed's need to come finally clean about its reluctance to raise interest rates, this year's conference should be riveting. Now more than ever you need to hear expert opinions to help you navigate the turbulence ahead. New Orleans is a great place to do just that. I hope to see you there.

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